Envisioning a Sustainable Future for Mobility

Envisioning a Sustainable Future for Mobility

Empowering Youth

Our ingenuity and reliability are reflected in our business partnerships for tomorrow’s sustainable mobility as we provide mission-critical parts for electric cars manufactured by global automotive leaders.

Furthermore, we envision a sustainable future for mobility, which creates values within the triangle of environment, economy, and social equality. We believe that empowering youth is investing in the future. In 2023, we took a new step by starting to support the Istanbul Technical University Solar Car Team (İTÜ ZES GAE) as a Diamond Sponsor.



Our support for İTÜ ZES GAE includes not only the team's preparations for the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge 2023, the most prestigious and largest event in the solar-powered vehicle category, in which the team will participate with the ARIBA ZES X vehicle but also covers another project of the team, ARIBA Autonomous II, which has autonomous driving capabilities on all types of roads.

Our support for İTÜ ZES GAE becomes even more meaningful in terms of equality, diversity, and inclusiveness as we create internship positions within our company for İTÜ ZES GAE member students through our R&D and engineering support. It also represents one of Turkey's largest private sector-university collaborations.