Quality, Environment and OHS policies

Bant Boru is the leading company in brake and fuel line production with it’s own technology. The goal of Bant boru is to increase the market share in automotive and white goods industry by the colloboration with different companies in different countries.

In this direction,

  • To adopt all parties, that production is based on first time through while recuding the non quality cost, the awareness that quality is not a control but producable, and continuous improvement.
  • Prioritises customer satisfaction and product safety with capable employees.
  • Guarantees continuous quality system which meets customer needs and expectation with a customer oriented approach.
  • Aims extension of innovation and design quality for all valued product and processes and wtih this aim, cooperates with sectoral indicators .


IATF  16949 : 2016
Start Date: 11.08.2021
Validity Date: 10.08 2024
IATF Certificate Number: 44 111 211042


ISO 14001 : 2015
Start Date: 03.08.2021
Validity Date: 02.08.2024
Certificate Number: 28056/B/0001/UK/En

ISO 45001 : 2018
Start Date: 03.08.2021
Validity Date: 02.08.2024
Certificate Number: 28056/C/0001/UK/En


TS ISO/EC 27001 : 2013
Start Date: 31.07.2020
Validity Date: 17.07.2023
Certificate Number: 31300668 ISMS13




As BANT BORU Industry and Trade Inc., our adopted occupational health and safety policy is based on respect to people and environment in which they live. In order to provide a safe and healthy working environment, everyone is obliged to do whatever is necessary within their own jurisdiction. One of our most important goals is to protect all our employees and the environment we are in against the potential risks of our business line.

As our OHS policy we commit;

  • To act in accordance with the applicable national and international legislation and other requirements regarding Occupational Health and Safety,
  • To provide a workplace where hazards and risks related to occupational health and safety in all our activities are evaluated, controlled, reviewed periodically and announced to all employees,
  • To carry out risk assessments by identfying all sources of danger which threats the health and safety of all our employees, subcontractors and visitors, may cause work accident and occupational disease, may cause emergencies such as chemical, physical, workplace ergonomics, machinery/equipment, fire etc. and take preventive actions against these threats,
  • To have and ensure the use of tools, equipment and personal protective equipment in accordance with the dangers and risks in the workplace,
  • To train our employees, subcontractors and visitors on OHS so that they can work in a healthy and safe way, to increase their competence and awareness and to ensure their participation in the system as a part of OHS Culture,
  • To continuously improve our occupational health and safety management system, which includes the rules of machine safety, ergonomics, safe management of chemicals, etc.  and determined in national/international legislation and other requirements for a healthy and safe workplace,
  • To ensure that all our employees, subcontractors, suppliers and all our stakeholders, including our visitors, comply with the occupational health and safety rules determined by BANTBORU,
  • To conduct and report transparently the necessary drills in order to safely manage emergency situations such as fire, first aid, evacuation and chemical leakage,
  • To ensure that all fire detections, alarms and extinguishing (fire tubes, automatic fire extinguishers, smoke detection, etc.) equipments always in place and good condition by regular maintenances,
  • To increase the performance of the management system and to ensure continuous improvement and development by establishing responsible, harmonious and open communication and cooperation with our stakeholders on health and safety issues,
  • To determine the dangers in the use, transportation and storage of hazardous chemicals in areas where chemical substances are used, and to conduct risk analyzes including the potential hazards and environmental effects of all kinds of chemicals,
  • To train all our employees working with chemicals against the dangers and risks of the chemicals they use in the workplace, to eliminate the hazards of chemicals at their source, to take preventive measures in accordance with the SDSs for indestructible situations and to provide and use personal protective equipment,
  • To replace hazardous chemicals with alternative chemicals that are less harmful to health as much as possible, 
  • Starting from the design phase of the machines and equipments used in all our production and operational activities, with the operation and maintenance activities; In accordance with the principles of machine safety and ergonomics to identify the hazards (moving parts, unauthorized access, safety equipment, etc.) to manage them at source and to continuously improve them,
  • To train our employees using machinery and equipment against possible machinery safety hazards such as working principles, maintenance activities, and to limit access in accordance with their competencies,
  • As an indicator of Bantboru's sustainable development, we are committed to anticipating possible future situations, reviewing our position and constantly improving, taking into account the developments in the industrial world from the design of the product to the end of its life-cycle, as our OHS policy.

Our OHS policy, which we undertake and implement is accessible to our employees, the public and all our other stakeholders.

BANT BORU A.Ş., operating at Gebze Organized Industrial Zone and İzmit/Köseköy Region, has been manufacturing double wall copper brazed steel tubes, single wall welded steel tubes, fuel-vacuum tubes, air conditioning and steering tubes.

In all our processes, we commit to protect the environment and natural resources by implementing, pursuing and continuously improving the articles below.
  • As Bant Boru A. Ş., acting with the awareness of being a part of the society and environment we exist in,
  • Improving environmental awareness from the senior management to the lowest units by providing environment training to all our employees, creating a company culture with their contributions and continuously improving ourselves in this regard,
  • Regarding our manufacturing, creating environment-friendly alternatives considering the environmental scale and effects,
  • Continuously improving and developing our environmental performance by establishing environmental goals and targets,
  • Contributing to the society together with all our stakeholders, especially our employees and suppliers, sharing all our efforts towards the environment and encouraging our suppliers to carry out their activities with a safe and eco-friendly perspective,
  • By accepting of all national and international legislations  requirements that we are within the scope of environmental issues as minimum requirements,make progress beyond these requirements whenever possible,
  • To provide all necessary human, technological and financial resources for the efficient use and protection of natural resources and energy, reduce the possible environmental impacts of our activities.
  • Reducing waste formation by detecting contamination at the source, ensuring and supporting recycling with separately collecting the  wastes 
  • To reduce and prevent air, water and soil pollution, leaks and spills and noise as much as possible,
  • To carry out activities to increase water quality and efficiency by preventing excessive water consumption which will adversely affect the use of water resources,
  • To minimize greenhouse gas emissions arising from all our production and operational processes by approaching the phenomenon of climate change with a sense of responsibility, carrying out activities to increase use of renewable energy resources by giving priority to reducing effects of climate change and energy efficiency,
  • Consistently monitoring and recording the energy consumption and greenhouse gas emission factors arising from all our activ
  • To minimize the negative effects of wastes, raw materials and activities that may be harmful to the environment; with the life cycle philosophy of our products , to reduce negative environmental impacts by managing the chemicals used in all processes from the design stage to the end of the life cycle both in the present and in the future; to prioritize low GHG emissions, energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy sources,
  • To provide and regularly control SDS/MSDS that comply with all applicable laws and regulatory requirements for the chemicals used in our activities,
  • Within the framework of all national and international legislation such as REACH (EU Directive), ADR-European Agreement and BEKRA (TR Environmental Legislation); to ensure the safe transportation, storage, use, recycling and/or disposal of chemicals used in our activities, constantly monitoring and reporting.
  • To keep our corporate awareness at the highest level against possible chemical spills/environmental accidents with emergency drills we do unannounced,


Bantboru applies physical, mechanical, and chemical tests according to the end user standards in its own Production, R&D, and Coating Laboratories. Also, R&D work and sample tests to meet our customers' new requirements are carried out in our laboratories.


For operating in compliance with the Environmental Law and its related legislations;

Bantboru San ve Tic AŞ. treats all chemical waste and biological liquid wastes created by electrolysis coating operations with its high technology refinement plant. Discharge after treatment is carried out according to the discharge criteria of the organized industrial zone.

Also waste gases taken from electrolysis and organic coatings are passed through gas cleansing towers to separate harmful particles and gas pollution is absorbed, and the cleansed air is given to the atmosphere. The condensed liquids are either treated in the refinement plant or sent to recycling firms to be used again.


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