Our Values

Our people

We value our workers and engineers. At the heart of quality production lies the happiness of our employees, and we care about this.  


Our work ethic is based on openness, honesty and trust. In all matters of business processes, we are honest with our customers, and open and transparent with our colleagues.

Quality Product

We do not compromise on quality. Our mission is in line with real customer satisfaction, our production understanding is based on producing high quality products.

Team Work

We believe in team work as a young, dynamic, innovative, and a creative team, we act with the faith in power of collaboration at every stage of production.


We continually improve ourselves with new technologies. We adapt new technologies rapidly, we always carry our knowledge to a higher level.


All our operations are primarily focused on customer demands. We produce for large automotive brands of the world with the highest quality.

Risk Control

We consider all risk factors when we carry out our work. We produce in compliance with the safety criteria for our health, with environmental awareness for the future of the world.


Thanks to our dynamic structure that allows us to adapt easily to industrial and technological changes, we make innovations a part of our job very quickly.


Bantboru, with its patented production processes among a few technologies in the world, produces double wall copper-brazed hydraulic steel tubes that are used by leading companies in the automotive sector for brake systems, which plays a big part in human life security.

Bantboru has a wide range of products, and it also produces single wall high-frequency electrical arc welded steel tubes used as cooling pipe in the white goods sector and fuel tubes in the automotive sector.


Bantboru, renewing itself with new technologies and using resources efficiently and effectively, produces high quality products with innovative solutions and offers the perfect products for the automotive sector.

Banboru, the supplier of the world's leading automotive brands, promises to deliver customer orders as soon as possible with the flexible production approach in line with customer requirements. Standing out as a reliable organization in the industry, Bantboru has been operating as a long-term supplier for its customers with this confidence. 

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