Information Security Policy

As Bantboru, which is the sole corporation producing through its own technology in Turkey and aims at becoming an ever-growing world company, we believe that administrative efficiency and activity is highly important for reaching our mission-vision and strategic targets. We are aware that one of the basic success factors regarding our purpose of increasing our world market share in the production of double wall steel and copper tubes, single wall seamed steel tubes, fuel vacuum pipes, air conditioning pipes and steering tubes is to sustain competitive advantage by meeting the expectations of the industry with an innovative perspective. When we consider the information security requirements in the current period and our sector, we are aware the delicacy of enterprise information and information entrusted by our partners. For this reason, our main targets for the managing information security systematically are as follows:

* To provide confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of information entrusted to us by all respective parties within the scope of Information Security Management System;
* To adhere to all related legal regulations and the agreements made with third parties (business partners, customers, suppliers) about information security;
* To protect our reputation and brand value in the presence of our employees, customers, suppliers and public;
* To minimize the possibility of information security violation and to react coordinately in case of such violation;
* To minimize the harms resulting from information security by managing information security effectively;
* To prevent interruptions that can be experienced during critical business processes, otherwise; to work again within targeted recovery period;
* To ensure that all business processes are compatible and balanced with information security processes;
* To make Information Security Management System compatible with international standards, to support the system by providing required sources and to improve it constantly.


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