Ethics Policy

Bant Boru’s commitment to the advanced business ethics that are part of the bedrock of its corporate culture inform all of the company’s activities and operations. This means that ethical behavior of the highest sort is an essential priority and responsibility of every Bant Boru employee.
Within this context; our goal is for all our stakeholders including our employees, customers, and suppliers, partners to understand and adopt our Ethics Policy.


  • Corruption, Extortion And Bribery;

Bant Boru adheres to a no-tolerance approach when dealing with matters involving bribery and corruption. The company is committed to undertaking its activities fairly and honestly in line with legal and ethical guidelines. In all of the policies and procedures that it formulates, Bant Boru strives to be in full compliance with the requirements of laws and regulations, with ethical and professional standards, and with universally-recognized principles. Within this scope, risks of bribery and corruption are identified and actions are taken to reduce them. 
Ensuring complete compliance with company ethical principles, raising awareness on bribery and anti-corruption issues and legal regulations are supported by means of in-house group training sessions, regular ethical guideline announcements, and online training resources. Compliance with company ethical guidelines is supported by means of in-house group training sessions, regular ethical guideline announcements, and online training resources. Within the scope of commercial bribery ,given direct offers, payments and various opportunities from customers to the employees are qualified as crime according to the laws and it is strictly forbidden for the employees of Bant Boru to accept direct or indirect personal payments or bribes.

  • Gift Rules;

As employees and managers, we do not demand or accept any gifts, discounts or advantages from third parties that may affect and may be considered as affected the company's preferences and decisions

  • Privacy;

It covers commercial plans, production, product development and technology, information on research and development and patent studies, marketing and pricing information, customer information, information on personnel rights and information within the framework of "confidentiality agreements" concluded with third parties. The confidentiality rules of employees, customers, business and / or all collaborators are respected, and the information they provide is not shared without legal obligation. No copy of any document belonging to the employer is taken electronically by recording, printing or writing or other copies on paper, CD, DVD and other recording devices without the permission of the employer authorities and outside the natural flow of the work. It cannot be transmitted to others electronically or by different methods, and these documents are subject to deletion, insertion, tampering, assembly, etc. can not be done. The obligation to comply with the confidentiality rules continues even after leaving the employer.

  • Financial Responsibility (Accurate Records); 
Bant Boru iş giving high prioity to accurately record, maintain, and report business documentation including, but not limited to, financial accounts, quality reports, time records, expense reports, and submissions to customers or regulatory authorities, when appropriate.
  • Disclosure of Information;
One of the most important assets used to realize the Bant Boru vision is information. Accordingly, it is the responsibility of all employees to use the information effectively, to share it correctly and to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of the information of the organization. Employees; does not discuss, discuss and cause any negative comments outside the company and / or inside the company in public places such as dining halls, elevators, service vehicles and similar public places. Confidential information of the company is kept from him both during his employment on behalf of the Company and after his relationship with the Company is terminated, and avoids disclosing such information to persons, institutions and organizations outside the Company without the Company's permission and knowledge.
  • Fair Competition And Anti-Trust;
Bant Boru does not cooperate with competitors that will lead to unfair competition and contrary to customer interests. It competes fairly, in accordance with the law, fairness and honesty rules and avoids unfair competition. Fair trade and honest competition based on integrity, product quality, price and customer service are fully adopt in all operations in which Bant Boru has management control.  Bant Boru reacts that never wish to be involved to anti-competitive offers or suggestion. Always seeks legal advice before cooperating with a competitor in a strategic alliance, joint tender (consortia bidding) or sub-contracting arrangement and seeks guidance if unclear about own antitrust responsibilities.
  • Conflicts of Interest;
Persons and organizations that are in contact with business relations do not benefit from them and / or their immediate surroundings and / or receive additional financial benefits.
Our employees should avoid any situation that may create a conflict of interest. Çıkar çatışmasına neden olabilecek Matters that may cause a conflict of interest such as "Engaging in Business Relationships with Spouses, Relatives, Friend", "Doing Business Outside the Institution, Taking a Position" and "Abuse of Duty" are specified in the Bantboru Code of Ethics.
  • Counterfeit Parts;
Bant Boru continuously develops, implement, and maintain methods and processes appropriate to their products and services to minimize / minimise the risk of introducing counterfeit parts and materials into deliverable products. Effective processes are establishing to detect counterfeit parts and materials and, if detected, quarantine the materials and notify the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) customer and/or law enforcement as appropriate.
  • Intellectual Property;
Company resources cannot be used for any other purpose and personal benefit without company approval and cannot be shared with third parties.

  • Export Controls And Economic Sanctions;
Bant Boru ensures compliance with applicable export controls and economic sanctions laws and regulations of all relevant countries.
  • Whistleblowing And Protection Against Retaliation;
Bant Boru assures that employees and business associates will not be subject to termination, threats, harassment or other adverse action by reason of making a grievance report, also provide sappropriate disciplinary action against those who seek to take retaliatory action against a person “blowing the whistle”.
  • Adoption and Discrimination
Bantboru cannot discriminate in the manner of race, color, gender, nationality, religion, etc. against any of its stakeholders including its customers, in service and working conditions. Bant Boru employees do not do their jobs with an unprofessional approach that will demean and embarrass people. Business Ethics rules are supported by other Bant Boru Policies.
  • Ethics Committee
Ethics Committee members to be established within Bant Boru are composed of people who can act fairly, transparently and objectively, who are competent and experienced in their duties and can set an example for employees. The selection of the Ethics Committee is determined by the company's senior management.
Ethics Committee guarantees the confidentiality of complaints and notifications made within the framework of the Code of Ethics, conducts an objective and fair investigation and to share the results with the relevant persons, ensures the job security of employees who make a notification, ensures that complaints and notifications are investigated in a timely, fair and consistent manner, and that takes necessary actions regarding the results.

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